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Friday, January 8, 2016


101 years ago this year, this was the Miami, Texas Senior Class Prophecy written by Nina Severtson. Read it. It's interesting and a piece of history. 

Retyped by Steven Charles Whipple
Grandson of Vera Mae Lee. (Graduate of 1915).

Miami, Texas High School

Senior Class of 1915 Prophesy

Written by Nina Severtson

Retyped by Steven Charles Whipple
Grandson of Vera Mae Lee

Bill Tolbert will be a lawyer
At first a common ordinary one
But with this he will not be satisfied
For he’s bound to be on the run.
He will climb to higher heights
And at last with pride we can relate
To his friends far and wide
Bill Tolbert is Attorney General of our State.

Walter Coffee an enthusiastic young man
Will strive hard to do his work
He will become great like he desires
For he’ll never be known to shirk.
From our State as Senator he will go
And there he’ll accomplish great things
Then there a maiden will steal his heart
And waft it away as on wings.
Thence as the story ever goes
Life will be sweetest of all
And as everyone knows
Walter will be true to his call.

Joe Tolbert will be a banker
And of gold he’ll have all he’ll want
For I am here to tell you my friends
Gold is not what Joe Tolbert will burn.
He will own a little cottage
Just big enough for two
And with the maid whom he will love
He will be happy his life through.

Lee Newman will be a preacher
He will be known in this country of light
As Mr. Newman the gentleman
Whoever stands for the right
He during his ministry
Will write many a book
He will be read mostly by folks
Who upward and onward ever look.

Clyde Mead will be well known as a violinist
But most of his time will be spent
As a searcher for great truths in the sciences
And his fame will go out as if sent.
He will charm a sweet little maiden
While playing some beautiful strain
And together they’ll work through life’s journey
Their love for each other will near wain.

Dave Lard will a wealthy ranchman be
He’ll own cattle by the herd
And for years he will be free
To boss he’ll give the word.
But as the years roll by he will do
As many men have done
He’ll fall in love with a maid
And together they’ll be one.

Lella Allen will be a musician
Over the keys her hands will fly
You will almost be charmed
As you see her and wonder how and why.
But she will not always charm many
And some day only one ranchman strong
Will be her whole ambition
To gently help along.

Lucile Ewing will go with a Lyceum
In I dare say four or five years
But this will not always suit her
‘till the voice of the right man she hears.
Her home will be beautiful and happy
In it she will be the head boss
And the right man for her will be one
Who will not want or dare her to cross.

Lauren Nelson will be a house keeper
For a man she will love truly well
And she will with him be happy
Her place for the world she’d not sell.
The two will always and ever be
Faithful, loving and true
They will live in a cottage by the sea
And this’ll be perfect bliss for Lu.

Vera Lee will be a domestic science teacher
Her work she will love truly well
She’ll think in another she could not be so happy
But we can something about this tell.
A man will come who’ll be handsome and frank
We will a true girl like her love
He’ll tell her how happy she could make him
And she will promise to be his dove.
Her man will be a real lawyer
And she’ll be happy just to help him
For she’ll to true hearted be
And cater to her own whim.

Blanch Matthews will be a singer
And in great places she will sing
She’ll sing such beautiful Melodies
That calls from all the world to her wring.
She will go to the city of London
And there sing the most wonderful songs
She’ll sing in the great cities of America
And hearing people stop and consider their wrongs
But she will do what most girls do
She will be pleased to sing to one man
For with a doctor she will fall in love
And sing his praises over all the land.

Pearl Christopher will be a true hearted woman
She will marry at the age of twenty-two
She will marry a great hearted man
And she’ll help him all the way through.
They’ll set up a home for orphans
And in they both will live
In this will be their chief joy
And to this all their means they’ll give.

Nina Severtson will finish school
And then will faraway go
She’ll study to be a missionary
For she’ll think her call is so.
After prepared she’ll go to China
And really happy she will be
For she’ll think not another, but Nina
Could do her work you see.
She’ll spend the rest of her life in China
And her love for this work will never fade
She’ll be a rather homely old lady
And she’ll be our class’s only old maid.

Vera Mae Lee and Nina Severtson.

Any errors are mine and I take responsibility for them. On the cover page is an image of my grandmother Vera Mae Lee Morehead’s senior picture, taken presumably in 1915. 

I apologize for not having this article before now published so it might be a 100th year anniversary effort. But I’m looking at the clock now on this day of December 31, 2015 and it reads 8:50 pm which allows me three + hours to post it somewhere.

Facebook in our Morehead Family site will probably be first post. But it is dedicated to the residents of Roberts County and certainly for my first cousin Ruth Ann Morehead Adkins who taught school in Miami for many years.

Steven C. Whipple
December 31, 2015
Canadian, Texas  

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Getting better at being good

My sister asked me if I would try an honest attempt to make two rational decisions a month. Start off slow and advance gradually.  Is that in 30 or 31 day months? She's got no humour.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March 3/2015

I will run my mouth here more often in the future because these halls are empty. As Emily wrote, "This is my letter to the world that never wrote to me..."  Me thinks that's just fine. Being alone doesn't mean I'm lonely.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Shayla & Danny

Thank you Shayla and Danny. You will always be my favorite smart ass.
Shine on forever on your journey of togetherness.