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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Old Video

This is an old one and not very good quality. I liked the Valley, Austin, San Antonio...
Try the link. 

I liked the Walker's too. Reminds me that Sherry and I got divorced 33 years ago today. Damn!!!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Alvin Crow and The Broken Spoke Saloon

Good Amarillo boys performing in Austin, Texas. After all this time he's still the house band.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bad Ass Bovine

Pam and Cole Tindol sent this to me recently. They raise rough stock for rodeos at their place in Wheeler County, Texas. I'm feeding "Puddin" and Pam is on the trailer and Scott Abernathey is behind me.

Happy Trails...

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Atchison, Topeka and The Santa Fe - Henry Mancini - 1966

I,as dozens of small towns on the rail line, am a product of the AT&SF Railway. Trains have always been handy, a luxury, and dear to my heart. I've ridden from here to Chicago and from Los Mochis, Sinola, to Chihuahua City, Chihuahua, Mexico via railway.


The worst thing about being sick is being the ghost in your own machine. I wonder what my witch doctor in Amarillo would think about that?

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

This is a picture I took recently of an old line shack camp about 20 miles West of Canadian, Texas on the South side of the Canadian River. When I was a youngster I recall the wooden pens on the North end of town where local ranchers would corral their cattle once they got them to town in order to load them on to wooden cars and ship them via the ATSF railroad North to Kansas City or Chicago usually.

These shacks were a resting camp for cowboys driving their herds from their ranches to the stock pens in Canadian. Their horses were quartered in the back and the front two rooms were for the cowboys to bunk.  

My friend Kelly Ward and I played in those old stockyards many a time. We invented a game of tag where we chased one another but our feet could not touch the ground. Both of us could only walk/run on the board fences and close or open gates to foil which one was chasing the other.

In those days local children had more freedom to explore and expand their imagination without worrying about somebody with a cell phone calling 911 and reporting "kids running a muck on the train tracks," or "kids with shotguns on first street shooting pigeons."

Common sense disappeared shortly after those old wooden stock pens did and paved streets arrived.

Happy Trails...