Saturday, February 20, 2016

Damn!!! Just told the masses about learning I have cancer. But shit happens. (Not really very often though when it's colon cancer.)

And as I rode out in the morning,
Before the bird before the dawn,
I was the poem- I was the song.
I shouted out the world a warning,
These horsemen all now rode with me,
And we were good, and we were free.

I saw this guy, Chris Stapleton, on TV a couple of nights ago and am thrilled to hear such a treasure recording songs worth recording.

Escondido Libre

This blog is likely where I will compose most of my social postings from now on. I will keep my Facebook site but won't bother a great deal with it anymore.  Very few people will ever follow this site so I will have a more secure sense of  privacy however true that will be or not. Some postings in the near future were written several years ago and have only recently rediscovered them. Living outside the norm is fairly normal around here. I invite any comments to what I write but I usually won't wade too deep into subjects that piss people off unless I want to. And if I want to I will do just that.

Google allows more freedom to express personal viewpoints than the other blog sites I've posted on but I am still aware that "they" still read over my shoulder when composing or posting on any website.

I do though intend to have a bit of fun and learned a long time ago that most humor is taken at the expense of someone else's misfortune. I will probably be at times simply a smartass advocating which side of any argument I wish to defend. Since I am an anarchist I afforded myself that privilege.

Steven C.  

The First Time Again
When my inbox is empty
And my phone is dead quite
There’s no knock on my door
Or a good friend in sight,
That’s when I wish I could kiss you,
Kiss you again for the first time.
Lying in my cold bed
As lonely as the dark night
Thoughts keep running thru my head
As I turn out the light
That’s when I wish I could hold you
Hold you again for the first time.   
© 2011 All Rights Reserved by Terri Anthony and Steven C. Whipple

Friends of Mine and The Cowboy Way of Living

Music by Waylon Jennings